Help / FAQs

What is The Crisis Survival Institute?

CSI is a publication that is committed to provide all individuals the necessary information and tools to overcome ANY crisis.

We believe all communities, families, and individuals should know what to do in the event of ANY crisis. 

How do I get my book after I order?

All books will be instantly sent to your email upon order. We are currently only selling digital 'e-books', there are no hard copies in circulation at the moment.

Can I get my money back after I order?

Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds. All sales are final.

Why should I subscribe to CSI?

CSI will send you updates and alerts on everything that is current and relevant. We strive to better prepare you for the unexpected, as well as providing you the power to handle any crisis that is thrown at you.

Why is the time NOW?

The time is now and not a second later. As tensions continue to rise between Russian and Ukraine and new COVID variants continue to pop up - the time to plan for the unexpected is NOW.

Why should I be prepared for a crisis?

An unexpected crisis can occur at any given moment. Today, there is plenty of domestic and global tension that can lead to extreme catastrophe. You should not have to rely on any aid or government support. Take control into your own hands.

Being prepared can also reduce:




How do I get prepared?

There are many different ways you can prepare yourself for a crisis. Subscribe to our news letters to get more information.